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Ocean View

Forest Fire Management

Our highly qualified, safety-oriented and certified fallers, burn bosses, danger tree assessors, first aid attendants and crew supervisors have extensive experience working efficiently in Forestry, Silviculture and Forest Fire Management. Learn more about our team.

Our Forest management practices are based on sustainability principles to assure the long-term continuity of our forests health and productivity.

We help manage, control, maintain and improve the establishment, growth, composition and quality of forest vegetation in relation to its ecosystem.
We focus primarily on hand crew personnel and avoid heavy equipment usage to provide the light hand on the land approach focusing on forest sustainability.

  • Utility power line falling, clearing, and brushing

  • Production, specialty and selective falling

  • Diseased specimen management

  • Danger Tree Assessment and falling

  • Slashing, pile burning and chipping (post-logging clean up)

  • Right-of-way, seismic, and active power line clearing and maintenance

  • Knowledgeable Forest & Fire Management Consulting

  • Private land and homeowner Fuel Management prescription and implementation


Plan, Prevent and Fight Fires

We plan, prevent and fight fires to protect people, property and the forest resource, as well as to achieve forestry, wildlife and land-use goals:

  • Fit and certified, professional fire ignition and suppression crews. Fully equipped, including truck mounted emergency transport units.

  • Wildland and urban interface wildfire prevention and suppression crews trained to the national standards required for wildland and structural protection contracts within Canada.

  • Ecosystem restoration

  • Forest and urban interface fire consulting

  • Burn plan development

  • Prescribed burning

  • Piled road right-of-way and logging debris clean-up

  • Fuel modification

  • Community protection

  • Fire smart Wildfire Protection

  • Fire suppression training courses to fire halls, sawmills, colleges, logging and private sector outfits.

Our main marshalling points are in the Okanagan, and Kootenay regions in BC, and we dispatch our crews from there to all points within Western Canada.

We are fully insured, and in good standing with WCB, as well as being a SAFE CERTIFIED Company.

All our certifications are available and onsite for all projects along with a Company Safety Management System.

We are strongly prepared to complete whatever projects we take on.
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