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Forest Path
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Tree Works

Urban, Residential and Powerline

  • Tree Works is 30 years experienced, fully insured and certified arborists trained in maintaining and removing trees and woody plants seamlessly.

  • Our arborists’ certifications mean they are up-to-date with their education on the latest techniques in arboriculture, and operate according to industry quality standards.

  • Nice-looking, well-maintained trees add value, potential, and safety to your property.

  • We provide consulting services and tree-related legal expert services.

  • We commit to our clients in writing, offering transparency on rates, terms of
    payment, and our clean-up responsibility, as well as starting and completion project dates.

  • We have a no-waste policy. The by-products of our work, such as firewood, timber, tree debris, and wood chips are all reused. If you don’t want it, we make sure it goes to good use, free of charge.

  • Contact us for participating in our no-waste program.

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